Real Reason Jeff Hardy Danced Before Saving Matt Hardy In AEW Debut

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Real Reason Jeff Hardy Danced Before Saving Matt Hardy In AEW Debut

Jeff Hardy has opened up about his AEW debut, revealing why he danced before saving Matt Hardy from the beatdown.

Jeff’s first appearance in AEW came immediately after Matt was kicked out of the Andrade-Hardy Family Office. Many fans have since poked fun at Jeff for partying on the ramp, before making his way to the ring to protect his brother.

Speaking on the latest edition of the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Jeff revealed that Matt had previously told him to take his time on his entrance.

Noting that he found his debut somewhat overwhelming, Jeff said:

Jeff: “Yeah the reaction was the best form of adrenaline and energy from the wrestling fans. That pop as they call it, I had to let out the energy with that yell and I was so torn because I was saving my brother, and my biggest hero Sting and this new guy Darby Allin, and I just met him that day and I was like, this is really happening and I’m about to debut for AEW.

“Matt said take your time and do the Dougie (dance), but I was like ‘I have to save my brother!’. I think it worked out pretty perfectly and it was just overwhelming, and I will be glad when I can do a patient entrance and I can absorb the atmosphere.”

Matt: “Yeah, doing the Dougie on the run was a compromise, the music is gonna be such a big moment, fans are gonna be out of their mind and I wanted him to do the Dougie and he’s the big star. Do the full entrance even though they’re beating my ass. It wasn’t on him. If it was up to him, he would’ve just run in. It was up to me. He’s a big star dammit, and he’s gonna get a big entrance.” 

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Jeff & Matt teamed up for the first time on AEW TV during Dynamite: St Patrick’s Day Slam, defeating Private Party in tag-team action.

Following his release in December 2021, WWE offered Jeff a spot in the Hall of Fame, as part of the class of 2022. Jeff has now opened up about the offer, explaining why he chose to reject it.

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