John Cena Thinks Conor McGregor Would Be Fantastic In WWE

John Cena Thinks Conor McGregor Would Be Fantastic In WWE

John Cena hopes that Conor McGregor will have a wrestling run one day, believing that the UFC star would be fantastic in WWE.

Speaking with Dan Patrick on That Scene, John Cena praised Conor McGregor’s ability to talk fans into the building. Confessing that he doesn’t keep up with MMA much, Cena argued that McGregor would be a perfect fit for WWE.

When asked what a performer needs to succeed in pro-wrestling, Cena said:

“It’s imagination, period, point blank, it’s scripted narrative. It’s entertainment. You have to buy into that reality. If you don’t believe you’re piece of that world we’re in or your opponent is a piece of that world, it doesn’t work. I don’t watch much MMA or anything. To me, it’s true fight sport, but then a guy like (Conor) McGregor comes along with a wonderful personality and will talk people into the building.

“You either root for him or root against him and you buy his fight, like (Floyd) Mayweather or (Muhammad) Ali, they talk about developing that great personality and believing in it. The way to make people buy into you as a WWE personality is to drop the make believe of it and make it a reality and believe in what you do.

“He’d be fantastic. He is what we do. It’s a little less predictable. Our surprises are getting people to show up at random and weave the ‘choose your own adventure’ into a different alley. His surprises are getting a few teeth knocked out or getting an operation. Not to say that this doesn’t happen with us, mistakes happen, but in his profession it’s not a mistake. I hope (he makes an appearance) because I want to see it. At my core, I’m a fan. He’s interesting and have a gravity about him. I want to see him perform.”

Cena unsuccessfully challenged Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Following the match, Brock Lesnar made his WWE return.

the 16-time champion has commented on Lesnar’s SummerSlam appearance, calling The Beast one of the best ever.

Transcription via Fightful

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