Levi Cooper (Tucker) Opens Up About WWE Release (Exclusive)

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Levi Cooper (Tucker) Opens Up About WWE Release (Exclusive)

Levi Cooper, formerly known as Tucker (Knight) in WWE, has opened up about his release in an exclusive interview with WrestleTalk.

Tucker was among the names released this past April, and while some of the names that have been let go by WWE recently have been quite surprising, it sounds like he unfortunately had already seen the writing on the wall.

He said:

“Yeah I mean of course, it’s never fun to lose your job or whatever. I hadn’t been in that positive of a creative position I would say since the split of Heavy Machinery. So, like I said, obviously disappointed, but I think some people say that, for them, their releases were surprising or came out of nowhere – I was pretty sure I was gonna get released. After I hit my former partner in the head with a briefcase and then we didn’t have a wrestling match, I’m like, ‘Uhh, I kinda know where this thing’s headed, I think I know where this thing’s headed’. So that was kind of at least my thought process through that horses**t.”

Tucker also spoke in depth about the split of Heavy Machinery, and how he believes he was ‘lied to straight to his face on multiple occasions’ and “frazzled” into going along with it. You can read his thoughts on that at this link.

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