WWE Raw Live Results – June 20, 2022

WWE Raw Live Results – June 20, 2022 WWE

Live Results here! Get your WWE Raw live results here! Welcome to Monday Night Raw, June 20, 2022 edition!

According to WWE.com, the following is in store for us tonight:

  • Becky Lynch vs. Asuka in a Money in the Bank qualifying match
  • The Return of Elias!

And presumably more because this is meant to be a three-hour show after all!

Certainly, since we will see “Elias” then Kevin Owens and even Alpha Academy, Chad Gable and Otis could make an appearance!

Will we see further developments from the new Judgment Day? Hopefully, we get to see WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair! What’s AJ Styles up to tonight? We’ll find out together at 5pm pacific, 8pm eastern!

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Becky Lynch vs. Asuka in MITB qualifier

Zippy match between these two technicians, they are infinitely fun to watch! Eventually, Asuka beats Becky after managing to get to the ropes from a Dis-Arm-Her but Asuka gets the ropes, hits a roundhouse kick on Lynch and gets the pinfall victory.

When Becky loses the match, she loses it! With Graves on commentary saying that Becky is further unraveling in front of our eyes. The show ends on Becky being dejected at ringside, I’m not sure they showed much of Asuka celebrating the win at all, the story was really Becky losing.

AJ Styles vs.Ciampa

With Miz on commentary – Miz says it seems Ciampa has a lot of potential in WWE but he’s never talked to him in his life. I feel like when the Miz over the top denies something… hmm. Let’s let it play out. 

AJ Styles captures the pinfall victory over Ciampa, Miz gets into the ring and tries to get some but… he probably did not in fact, want some, as he’s quickly taken down by Styles.

AJ Styles hits the Miz with the Styles Clash then steals Miz’s sunglasses to stand tall at the end of the segment.

Veer Mahaan interview up on the platform with Bert, where he cuts part of his promo in Punjabi and the crowd ‘What’ chants him despite the fact it was actually quite a good promo! I’m invested in Veer’s success, let’s go – Fear Veer!

Miz TV with AJ Styles

Oh hey! I wondered when this show started, what’s AJ Styles up to? Apparently, a guest on Miz TV!

AJ says things haven’t been going his way, that’s cool – no big deal because according to AJ Styles, “it’s on me.”

Styles says when he gets disrespected, he doesn’t come out on a talk show and run his mouth – he does this! And attacks Miz until Ciampa blindsides him, “as he has done week after week,” and then Graves says, “It seems Miz has been taking notice of Ciampa here on Raw.”


Backstage with Bianca

Re-cap of the earlier in the show fatal five-way to establish the next challenger for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship after which Bianca’s new opponent for MITB attacked her backstage, reminding her that Mella is money.


Bobby Lashley Gauntlet Match

Bobby Lashley takes down Chad Gable, Otis and ultimately the third mystery opponent is revealed to be the United States Champion himself, Theory.

While Theory proves to be a formidable opponent for Lashley, he still wins via pinfall to punch his ticket to a championship match at Money in the Bank!

Elias and Ezekiel

In what is arguably the segment of the night, we get three distinct parts to the Ezekiel and Elias reunion.

There’s a backstage segment where they’re both sitting together on a couch chatting in what is a remarkably touching conversation that actually progresses both characters and makes me want to see both of them more (even though I am pretty sure Kevin Owens is right… I think they might be the same person because that beard looked a little fake…) leads into Elias headed to the ring for his concert.

Then Elias is back! He’s in the ring, he’s about to sing and do his thing when he’s interrupted by Kevin Owens who is NOT AMUSED by this chicanery, look – you can fool the people of this podunk town but KO says you can’t fool him, he’s a French-Canadian, and this is just still the same person! He knows something is up here! A physical fracas ensues and finally Elias bashes KO with a spare guitar!

In the final act of this most compelling saga, KO is coming back through the curtain into the backstage area where he is met by Bert but Owens remains certain that something strange is going on here so next week on Raw he’ll fight any of them – Elias, Ezekiel, their other brother Elrod, whatever! Then Ezekiel walks up and Kevin is so shocked he has to just stomp away, clutching his head and then in the best twist of all, shouting, “Elrod!”

Look I suspect SmackDown has nothing for the Maximum Male Models bit so just re-cast LA Knight to be the third brother and let’s all see Kevin Owens vs. LA Knight baby! No? Okay. We’ll see what happens next week!

p.s. He’s trying quite hard to put over the “Zeke Freaks” and I’m on it, let’s go. #ZekeFreaks



Jey Uso vs. Angelo Dawkins

Angelo Dawkins picks up the win!

Theory in ring segment

Theory is in the ring on his little platform from his posedown with his headset microphone and is incredible in this highly annoying character, I can’t wait to see him get clobbered which I suppose is the mark of a good heel, isn’t it?

He screams at the crowd, “Shut up! I gotta take a selfie!” and it is only then that he sees a seething Lashley behind him who gets his retribution for last week by dousing him in the eyes with apparently baby oil, then spears him and grabs the mic to tell him he’s not asking, he’s TELLING – he will be taking that United States Championship!

There’s a recap of the Judgment Day assault on Edge, no update on Edge or his condition… but moving on, here’s the Usos! The Raw pacing seems to be faster than average tonight but there’s still a LOT of show left to get through!

Jey Uso vs. Angelo Dawkins is next!

Riddle vs. Omos

In the Money In the Bank qualifying match, surprise victory for Omos as he takes the win after absorbing a variety of offense from Riddle throughout a fairly fast match.

After the match, Seth Rollins comes out and says everyone knows only one man has Roman Reigns’ number and you are looking at him! Roman’s been ducking and dodging him since he emotionally dismantled him at the Royal Rumble! Seth says he will the MITB winner and Roman can run and hide all he wants but he’ll find him!

Seth is finishing up his promo when Riddle tries to run back into the ring only to fall victim to a big stomp in notably beautiful white patent shoes.

Seth Rollins is exceptional.

Riddle promo

Riddle is here and he’s sorry he lost to Roman on SmackDown, he is sorry if he let you down as fans but he’s really sorry if he let Randy Orton down! But! Riddle shall press on, he looks forward to the Money in the Bank match.

In a delightful babyface retconning, Riddle says that Seth Rollins hit his bro Cody Rhodes with a sledgehammer and that makes him kind of want to hit him with a ladder, bro. Riddle is BFFs with all your faves, don’t worry about it! (this is actually believable, Riddle seems very affable.)

Omos and MVP interrupt ahead of their qualifying match, MVP wonders if Riddle is high? Then tells him if he isn’t, he will be – when Omos lifts him over his head and slams him down!

Riddle says “Touche” and also adds he will be raising his hand high when he wins this match and gets into the MITB match!

Vince McMahon is here.

Fascinating unannounced appearance from Vince McMahon to re-announce that John Cena will be on WWE Raw next week.

Fatal Five Way - Carmella, Asuka, Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss & Becky Lynch

This match action is a little slow to get started and the crowd does not seem to be providing much in the way of energy which is unfortunate because there is some great action going on as a whole!

Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss go back and forth, again doing a lot of those rolling around the ring on top of each other moves (two full sequences) that seem excessive but their dynamic is fun to watch.

While in the final third of the match, the action heated up and the crowd got more engaged in the end, Carmella with the win and she will move on to challenge Bianca Belair at Money in the Bank!

Opening promo!

The show started with a tribute graphic for Tim White – first out, Bianca Belair.

She announces that Rhea Ripley will not be medically cleared in time for Money in the Bank so tonight there will be a fatal five way to determine the new challenger for her WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

This summons the competitors who all take turns on the mic, Becky, Asuka, Liv Morgan, Carmella and finally Alexa Bliss who cuts a fun and spicy promo on Carmella that makes me randomly want to see these two have a feud (that was not on my bingo card for 2022?!) before we find out that the actual match is happening – next! Let’s go!


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