WWE Raw Live Results – June 6, 2022

WWE Raw Live Results – June 6, 2022 WWE

WWE is back on our screens tonight for WWE Raw and our WrestleTalk WWE Raw live results for a stacked card on the heels of Hell in a Cell!

Scheduled for tonight’s show per WWE.com:

  • “Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Doudrop and Rhea Ripley to face off in high-stakes No. 1 Contenders’ Match
  • Cody Rhodes addresses the WWE Universe after his win at WWE Hell in a Cell
  • The Judgment Day vow to add a new member
  • The Premiere Edition of Miz TV”

Follow along with all the happenings on tonight’s Raw with our live blog below from the start of the show at 8pm ET!

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Liv Morgan vs.Alexa Bliss vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Doudrop

With the champ Bianca Belair at ringside for this big fatal 4-way match to determine the #1 contender for Bianca’s Raw Women’s championship!

A zippy and fun match that is sort of destined to end in some pandemonium isn’t it?

In the final third, Ripley and Doudrop are up top with Morgan and Bliss joining in to launch Ripley and Doudrop but knocking them all down as Morgan attempts a pin on Ripley, Doudrop and Ripley roll out while Morgan and Bliss start rolling each other up around the ring in a circle. This is some teenage boy’s favorite thing that has ever happened on WWE and I’m really happy for him right now.

Bliss positions Morgan for a Twisted Bliss but Liv gets the legs up, Doudrop tosses Alexa out of the ring, Morgan hits big double knees on Doudrop but Nikki ASH makes the save, Morgan still persists but Doudrop catches Morgan off the ropes, hits a vicious Michinoku driver but the pinfall is spoiled by Ripley who hits a nasty looking Riptide on Doudrop and gets the pinfall victory.

Rhea Ripley will take on Bianca Belair at Money in the Bank for the Raw Women’s Championship!


Ezekiel vs.Otis

Otis takes on Ezekiel in a fun match; after the match Ezekiel calls out Kevin Owens and wants a re-match after his loss at Hell in a Cell.

KO says he will give him a re-match but he needs to admit it, he is Elias! Ezekiel says fine, I admit it – I’m Elias. KO gloats, he knew it! Everyone told him he was wrong but he WASN’T!

Ezekiel is like, ha! Kevin I used a page out of your playbook, LOL I lied! I’m not Elias, I’m Ezekiel! Then knees him in the face and digs out while Alpha Academy tends to KO.

Ezekiel/Faux-lias has his re-match with Kevin Owens for next week on Raw!


Omos vs. Cedric Alexander

Omos squashes Cedric Alexander but his celebration is interrupted slightly by the returning Dirty Dawgs who pop up to have an interview in “the Oakerland position” with Bert (Kevin Patrick) but MVP is not amused! Ziggler has a superkick party in MVP’s face!

New member of Judgment Day is...?


Judgment Day comes out, cuts a short promo and introduces the new member of Judgment Day – Finn Balor!

Balor says their match last night led him to have a moment of clarity, he is ready to join Juddment Day and reached out to Rhea and Damian; this cool new faction lasts about 5 seconds as then they turn on Edge with Priest saying they needed to eliminate the last obstacle – “which is you!”

Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest and Finn Balor beat down Edge including choking him out with the bottom bar of a steel chair and then a Con-Chair-to!

Veer Mahaan vs. Dominik Mysterio

Here we are, Veer Mahaan vs. Dominik Mysterio is happening again! Why is this feud continuing? Not really sure!

In the final portion of the match, Dominik was coming off strong, hit a great frog splash and nearfall until Veer came back with a giant clothesline and ultimately Rey Mysterio interfered thereby getting Dom DQ’d, giving the win to Veer but preventing a further mauling.

Just because I’m done with this feud certainly does’t mean WWE is… but I can dream right?

I want Veer to join Maximum Male Models on SmackDown with Max Du-PRI! so badly. So, so badly.

Bobby Lashley promo

Bobby Lashley is here and has a short promo before he’s confronted by Theory! They exchange back and forth banter by which Bobby demands a title shot at Theory’s US Championship and he declines.

Street Profits vs. Usos

I feel bad for the schedule that the Usos are working, when aren’t we watching a match with the Usos?!

This ends up being a very long Championship contender’s match with very fun to watch teams but that lagged a bit with the odd pacing of Raw. Montez Ford remains one of the most delightful performers in all of professional wrestling and the Usos lose via count out as the Street Profits pick up the win and the opportunity to take on the undisputed champs!

Miz & Mrs Premiere Party

In a chaotic Miz TV, there was some typical Miz & Maryse shenanigans (insulting the crowd, talking about how awesome they are) until they were interrupted by Riddle.

A highly amusing conversation including Riddle attempting to speak French (but really saying Hello cheese omelette in French and then my name is Riddle but in Spanish instead lol) and call Miz tiny balls which Maryse hilariously denies, the crowd chants “Prove it” – it really is chaotic and doesn’t get calmer as Ciampa runs in, assaults Riddle.

Only after Riddle is softened up, Miz accepts the match which occurs after the break while Miz is still in dress pants.

Riddle wins.

Riddle leads the crowd in a Randy chant at the end of the match, shouting at the hard cam to end the segment “I love you Randy, I’m going to win for you!”



Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke

Yessir you read that right.

Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke for the 24/7 Championship after Tozawa lost it to Dana during the first iteration of her match with Becky as the match started, the 24/7 troupe rolled out, Dana rolled up Akira Tozawa to be declared the winner only to be then challenged by Becky for the title!

After a break the 24/7 Championship was indeed on the line however with a distraction and ultimately actual interference by Asuka, Becky Lynch lost to Dana Brooke.

I want to say it is stupid but it isn’t actually, if we thought Becky hit rock bottom before…

Cody Rhodes

A nice heartfelt promo by Cody Rhodes where he alludes he will be back for MITB (…Please don’t? Like we’re good man, you deserve a month off for this injury and a major surgery… just have a nice Fourth of July my man, maybe a matching outfit with your baby?)

Seth Rollins interupts, appears to be taking the high road and tells him that not only would Dusty be proud of him, he shakes his hand and tells him he has his respect. They shake hands, Rollins leans in and whispers something to Cody on his way out of the ring.

Cody is waving goodbye on the ramp and Seth runs out, and pummels him in the back of the neck with a sledgehammer!

A wild Curtis Axel is spotted again and tbh he’s the real heel here, didn’t even try to stop Seth just made sad-looking faces.

We get a recap again of it after the commercial break, Corey Graves and his leather jacket are fired up and he and Byron finally agree on something – Seth freakin’ Rollins is the worst.

A new member for the Judgment Day? + CODY RHODES!!

Get ready for tonight’s show by reading all about Judgment Day vowing to reveal a new member by clicking here!

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