Logan Paul Names WWE Higher-Ups He Goes To For Advice

Logan Paul Names WWE Higher-Ups He Goes To For Advice WWE

Logan Paul has opened up about feeling accepted backstage in WWE.

As SummerSlam, Logan Paul defeated The Miz in his first wrestling singles bout. Paul had made his wrestling debut in April, teaming with The Miz to take on the Mysterios at WrestleMania 38.

Speaking on the Pat McAfee show, Paul noted that he has been given plenty of advice by the likes of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan.

When asked if Triple H is the person he looks for when in need of advice, Paul said:

“I truly feel like everyone at the WWE, the higher ups all give me equal time, attention and energy. Yes, he’s helped me backstage, yes we’ve texted about certain moves or the audience.

“He gives me plenty of advice, but so does Steph, so does Nick, so does Kevin. The Miz helped me a lot too. I’ve never felt more accepted as an employee, dude I work for the WWE.

They’re so good man its a well organised machine and I’m continuously surprised by how much they can do, effectively too. Some of the s**t they pull off is unreal, man.

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Following Vince McMahon’s retirement, Triple H took over WWE creative, and Stephanie McMahon & Nick Khan were named the new company co-CEOs.

Triple H recently joined Paul on his ImPaulsive podcast. During the episode, The Game walked through his insane schedule for SummerSlam week.


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