Major WWE Plans For New PPV

6 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Major WWE Plans For New PPV WWE

Major plans have emerged regarding WWE’s strategy for its new annual Day 1 premium live event, and what it could look like going forward.

So far WWE has only held one Day 1 event, on January 1 2022. The name of the event is a reference to the fact that it is held on New Year’s Day.

While WWE previously confirmed that the event will be returning in 2023, and is set to become an annual tradition, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE may want to make the show an annual event.

When asked why tickets for the upcoming event are still unavailable, despite them originally set to go on sale in September, Meltzer responded:

“They had discussed changing the date. I don’t think they will. I was told a couple of weeks ago that if they do make a change, the change would have been announced on Friday. Friday came and went, there was no announcement. So I presume it’s on, and the tickets will be on sale soon. It still might be changed, but I don’t know.

“The problem is every day that they could change it to, they’ve already got shows booked. Of course they could cancel those shows, but I have not heard of them not selling tickets in those other things, and I think they would freeze ticket sales of one of the other shows if they were going to cancel.

“The idea of the pay-per-view is January 1. They want to make it an annual tradition in Atlanta, and January 1 is a Saturday I believe this year (it’s actually a Sunday). I guess New Year’s Day is a holiday either way, if it’s on a Thursday that’s fine too, but they want the January 1 evening tradition to become a wrestling holiday tradition.

“I presume it will keep going. But yes, there was discussion of the date (changing), and that’s probably why they’ve delayed ticket sales.”

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We will continue to provide updates on the upcoming event as they become available.

WWE’s next premium live event will be Crown Jewel, which will air from Saudi Arabia on November 5. On this show, Roman Reigns will defend the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Logan Paul.

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