Mercedes Mone Would Love To Retire Former WWE Star

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Mercedes Mone Would Love To Retire Former WWE Star NJPW

Mercedes Mone has revealed that she would like to retire a top Impact Wrestling star and that star has responded.

Speaking at Planet Comicon 2023, Mone was asked about a match that Scott D’Amore of Impact Wrestling wants to make a reality.

Addressing the possibility of Mercedes Mone vs Mickie James, Mone would say:

“Is it going to happen? Like I said, I’m waiting for the bag. I’m waiting for Mickie James.

“But absolutely do I want to wrestle Mickie James. Mickie James is legit one of my idols and someone who I grew up and I was just like, ‘Wow. That was such a standard to me.’

“Her and Trish Stratus, that storyline inspired me so much that I wanted to be in the WWE even more.

“I’d never seen a women’s storyline like that. It transcended through a whole year of buildup, and Mickie James’ character was just so amazing.

“When they finally had their WrestleMania match, I was just like a kid. I was like, ‘Oh my… I have to do this, I want to do this.’”

Mone would reveal how she wanted to face James when they were both in WWE at the same time but never got the singles match, explaining:

“When Mickie James came back to WWE, I was praying and hoping that we would actually get to wrestle. We never got to.

“We had maybe a tag matches on house shows, but we never had a one-on-one, which is my dream.

“I definitely believe in 2023 that I can definitely make that dream come true.”

The NJPW star would then lay down her vision for the match, concluding:

“So I definitely would love to face Mickie James and retire her ass. Send her back to that rodeo and go ride that horse. Bye, Mickie.”

Mickie James had previously invited Mone to join her in Impact Wrestling.

Following the interview, James would once again reach out to Mone, tweeting:

Transcript from Fightful.

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