MJF Beats CM Punk With Help From Wardlow

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

MJF Beats CM Punk With Help From Wardlow

After an exciting match that saw numerous twists and turns, MJF emerged victorious over CM Punk in Chicago, with the help of Wardlow.

MJF shenanigans abounded as he used tape, hidden to view from the referee behind his arm to choke Punk which mirrored the appearance of a submission victory with the referee initially calling the match, declaring MJF the victor until the ruse was discovered.

With the match restarted, Punk came in hot including hitting a Pepsi Plunge which commentary mentioned was “for the first time in 17 years” but it sadly wouldn’t be enough.

With Wardlow walking down to the ring and having a staredown with Punk, it was easy for viewers to miss the detail uncovered on slow-motion replay after the match: Wardlow dropped MJF the Dynamite Diamond ring which back in the ring, MJF used against Punk to lay him out and get the pinfall victory.

Dynamite went off the air with MJF smugly celebrating in the ring with Wardlow standing behind and CM Punk still laid out, lifelessly in the center of the ring.

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