MJF Says He’d Join WWE If Vince McMahon Offered More Money Than AEW’s Tony Khan

11 months ago by Liam Winnard

MJF Says He’d Join WWE If Vince McMahon Offered More Money Than AEW’s Tony Khan AEW

AEW star MJF has continued to tease he could leave the promotion and join WWE when his contract expires in 2024.

If there’s one thing MJF knows how to do better than anyone else, it’s how to rile up AEW’s fanbase, and he’s found the perfect way to do that, because despite AEW fans hating MJF, they realise how good and how valuable he is.

During a recent Monopoly Events convention in Liverpool, England, MJF took part in a Q&A session, during which he talked about the upcoming “bidding war of 2024”. He said:

“I don’t know if you guys are aware of this, but on January 1st of 2024, I’m going to be a free agent. Who here would want to see me in WWE? So let me explain something to you people – I did not get into this business to make any of you happy. I got into this business to make as much money as humanly possible.

“And if Vincent Kennedy McMahon is willing to shell out more money than my good friend Tony Khan, then yes, I would go to WWE.”

Most people assume MJF is just saying these things to rile fans up and he’s going to be forever loyal to AEW, but most people also assumed that about Cody Rhodes, and that went well.

MJF is currently embroiled in a feud with his former bodyguard Wardlow, seemingly building to a match between the two at Double Or Nothing on May 29.

Quote via Wrestling Inc

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