MJF Reveals What He Wants From AEW’s Video Game

MJF Reveals What He Wants From AEW’s Video Game

All Elite Wrestling star MJF has revealed what he wants from the upcoming AEW console video game that is currently in the works.

Obviously a big part of wrestling video games is getting the entrances and moves as accurate as possible, which usually involves motion capture. Don’t expect MJF to be doing any of that though.

Speaking on the Game Marks podcast, he said:

“The reason people do that is that they need money. I’m not exactly the type of guy who is hard on that. I’ve done the head scan thing for the console game and they’ve had me pose in my different pay-per-view trunks and robes. I found that interesting, but I’m never going to be a (motion capture) guy because I don’t need the money.”

Regarding what he actually wants to see in the game, the answer seems to be a pretty simple one – himself. He added:

“If there is a story mode in our console game, if I’m not involved then they are idiots. Whether I like it or not, I’m considered to be the greatest villain in all of wrestling. How can you have a protagonist go on this epic journey without having the ultimate villain? I don’t look at myself that way, but that’s how everyone looks at me.

“I made Blood & Guts famous and it would behoove AEW to put Blood & Guts in (the game). It would behoove them to have Stadium Stampede (in the game) simply because the world you can be surrounded by. Being on the field, the offices, the club, the meat locker. There are so many rooms in the Jaguars stadium. That would be really fun.”

Oh yeah, and because he’s MJF, he said video games are for virgins, except wrestling video games, which are in fact cool:

“Video games are for virgins, but wrestling video games are for winners. I think anybody can agree on that. Regular video games like Zelda or Cuck Central Part Two or whatever people are playing nowadays, I don’t know, I’m not a simp. For me, the first wrestling game I ever played, which is the only acceptable type of video game to play, was called Day of Reckoning on GameCube. The storyline resonated with me at a young age and I remember very much enjoying the story in that game. At some point in Day of Reckoning 2, you do a cage match with Rey Mysterio. Once I got to the cage match, I could not figure out how to get out of the cage because I’m not a virgin nerd. I threw the controller down and said, ‘Clearly video games aren’t for me’. To my knowledge, I did not play another wrestling game for a couple of years.”

We haven’t seen much of the AEW console game as of yet but there was some gameplay footage featuring Darby Allin that was revealed a couple of weeks ago.

Quotes via Fightful

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