Moose Explains His Actions: Impact Results

Moose Explains His Actions: Impact Results

After a quick rundown of last weeks Redefined, we got a the set up for this week’s show.  Tessa Blanchard will defend the Knockouts Championship against Su Yung.  Eli Drake will hold an open challenge.  Joe Hendry and Grado will face the Desi Hit Squad.

Rich Swann loses to Petey Williams

This was a rematch from last week where Swann beat Petey.  Matt Sydal came out during the match and joined the commentary team.  Sydal approached Swann last week after his match and offered to open his 3rd eye.  Sydal followed up this week by rooting for Swann and claiming to be able to offer him support in the chase for the X-Division Title.  Swann hit a Lethal Injection style cutter.  He climbed to the top rope for his finishing move, only to be distracted by Sydal.  Petey hit the Canadian Destroyer after the distraction for the win.  Looks like Sydal vs. Swann is being set up as a feud heading into Bound For Glory.

Nate’s Take:
This was a good match and Swann has been a great addition to Impact.  After signing a deal with Impact, it looks like Swann could be getting a push to ultimately challenge for the X-Division championship.

The Desi Hit Squad defeat Joe Hendry and Grado w/ Katarina

This match opens with a Joe Hendry music video.  Hendry bags on Desi Hit Squad, but the song ends with a him exclaiming his “platonic” love for Katarina.  Over the past few weeks, there have been questions surrounding if Hendry and Katarina were cheating on Grado after Eli Drake accused the two of just that.

The two teams went back in forth in this match.  Grado got in his cannonball and Dusty Rhodes Elbows.  Joe Hendry hit an impressive fall-away slam on both members of Desi Hit Squad and tagged in Grado.  One of Desi Hit Squad knocked Hendry off the apron.  Then two men hit Grado with their finish, a revolution knee into a sky-high.

After the match, Katarina lit into Grado for costing them all the matches they’ve been in the last few weeks.  She declared her love for Hendry and planted a kiss on him.  Hendry, with some great acting, acted disgusted by it.  He screamed at her he only felt platonic love for her.  She slapped him hard and left the ring.

Nate’s Take:
Another solid match in the first hour of Impact.  Hendry is impressive and Impact would be smart to try to lock him up.  He has the potential to be a solid upper mid-card/main event talent sooner than later.  Grado did what Grado does and the fans loved it.  I don’t see a lot of potential in Desi Hit Squad, but Impact does have a big following in India.

GWN Flashback of the Week

We were shown Bully Ray capturing the World Heavyweight Title at the peak of the Aces and Eights run.  Hulk and Brook Hogan were outside cheering him on.

Nate’s Take:
I know you’ve got to promote the GWN, but with a company trying to shed some of the bad vibes of previous management, I wonder how smart it is to keep showing all the stuff nobody wanted to see the first time.

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