Name Of Rebranded ‘Black & Gold’ NXT Revealed?

6 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Name Of Rebranded ‘Black & Gold’ NXT Revealed? WWE

NXT fans were buzzing at the end of last week’s one-year anniversary show of NXT 2.0, when a new logo flashed on the screen signifying the brand’s next rebranding, more in line with the ‘black and gold’ era of NXT.

This continues the rebranding of the global NXT brand, with WWE recently bringing an end to the NXT UK brand, replacing it with the NXT Europe brand which is set to launch in 2023.

Triple H has spoken about a potential global expansion of the NXT brand, and potentially opening up more regional NXT brands in other countries and continents, with the US NXT brand serving as the ‘main’ brand.

In a new trademark filing from the USPTO, this may be the move WWE is making, as they filed to trademark the term ‘NXT Global’ on September 16, the same day the company filed to trademark ‘NXT Europe’.

While not yet confirmed, this could be the name the company will use for the US-based NXT brand once it is rebranded.

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