NWA Had Talks To Have Power Air On WWE Network

3 years ago by Tempest

NWA Had Talks To Have Power Air On WWE Network

NWA Power has been airing on YouTube since October 8, 2019. The studio wrestling show is a return to the old-school presentation of the territory days, but it has now been revealed the show could have been on a very different platform.

Jim Cornette revealed on his podcast NWA was in talks to have Power air on the WWE Network. Here is the quote:

“[Dave Lagana] started talking about ‘well we’re going to do a tv show’. I said ‘what do you mean, Dave?’ he said ‘we’re going to start doing tv’. I said ‘well what would it be on?’ ‘well we’re not sure yet but we think it might be on the WWE Network.’ I said ‘what?’ and he did have meetings- unless he was just bald-faced lying to me, he had meetings to talk to them about- I said ‘do you honestly believe that the WWF is going to put an NWA television show on their network?’ ‘well they might, well we’re talking about it’ whatever. I said okay.”

Whatever negotiations NWA and WWE had clearly did not pan out as the show instead went to air on YouTube. They have since run 17 weeks of “television”

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