Paul Heyman Comments On Sami Zayn’s Inclusion In The Bloodline

Paul Heyman Comments On Sami Zayn’s Inclusion In The Bloodline WWE

Paul Heyman has commented on Sami Zayn’s inclusion in The Bloodline.

When Sami Zayn approached Roman Reigns proposing an alliance between him and The Bloodline, no one could have imagined how that would catch fire and provide WWE with the best segments of the past decade.

Zayn played out his arc as the first crack in the ongoing Bloodline implosion that is playing out on screen today, while also allowing Sami to become one of the most popular stars in the entire company.

Speaking with Rick Rubin on Tetragrammation, Paul Heyman discussed Zayn’s inclusion into the stable and how the audience ultimately embraced him.

When asked if he had any idea what Sami’s character would become, Heyman said:

“No. But I rode the wave because the audience bought into it.”

Heyman continued on to explain why he believed Sami Zayn with The Bloodline worked out the way it did, saying:

“The Sami thing worked. Who am I to question the audience? Did I think it would work? I thought it’d be a nice, short-term thing.”

“The example I gave was it’s a cameo that ends up doing such a magnificent performance that we invite him back the next week. The next thing you know, he’s starring in the show.”

The Bloodline storyline has seen Jey Uso stuck in the middle following the actions of his brother Jimmy Uso who hit Roman Reigns with two superkicks at WWE Night of Champions to finally leave the group.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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