Reason Damian Priest Is Off WWE TV Revealed

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Reason Damian Priest Is Off WWE TV Revealed

The real reason why Damian Priest has not been seen on WWE TV over the last few weeks has now been revealed.

Some had speculated that WWE has simply lost interest in Damian Priest, but Dave Meltzer has revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that the Raw star is dealing with a back injury right now.

Meltzer said:

Meltzer: “Bad back, right?”

Alvarez: “Is that what it is?”

Meltzer: “He’s injured, yeah.”

Alvarez: “Well he had the bad back at WrestleMania actually.”

Meltzer: “Yeah he worked the match, but it was still a bad back.”

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Bad Bunny vs The Miz was originally booked as a singles match at WrestleMania due to an injury to John Morrison, but Priest was dealing with back issues at the time as well.

The former NXT star was able to work through that injury for a few months, but is now clearly taking time to deal with that.

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