Former WWE Referee Says Major SummerSlam Match Should Have Ended In Disqualification

Former WWE Referee Says Major SummerSlam Match Should Have Ended In Disqualification WWE

One of the top matches from last weekend’s WWE SummerSlam saw Cody Rhodes take on Brock Lesnar in the pair’s third and final encounter.

Cody ended up picking up the win, with the fight spilling to the outside, including Cody using the steel steps on Lesnar.

Many fans were confused by Cody’s use of the steps, with some believing that he should have been disqualified for using the stairs.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas discussed the match, saying that Cody should have been disqualified.

He said:

“It technically should have been a disqualification.

“You can throw them into the stairs and that’s not a disqualification… but he picked up the top half of the stairs and he ran it into Brock. Technically speaking, that should have been a disqualification. I get the argument about letting things fly because of the magnitude of the match, but at the same time, I think it should have been a DQ. I understand that specifically with big matches such as this one –- but at the same time, you have to cover up for the referee and not put the heat on the ref. 

“When you let that slide, the heat goes onto the referee for letting it go.”

Cody has teased his next step on last night’s Raw, reigniting his feud with Seth Rollins ahead of their tag team main event.

The show ended with Shinsuke Nakamura turning heel and laying out Seth with a Kinshasa following he, Rollins and Rhodes’ win over the Judgment Day.

transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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