Released NXT Star Recalls ’45-Second Phone Call’ About ‘Not Maximising His Potential’

Released NXT Star Recalls ’45-Second Phone Call’ About ‘Not Maximising His Potential’ WWE

A former NXT star has commented on his recent surprise release from the company.

On November 1, WWE released several NXT names from their contracts. Among them were Sloane Jacobs, Erica Yan, Damaris Griffin, Ru Feng, and Bodhi Hayward.

Hayward was the most prominent of the names to be released and had as part of Chase University with Andre Chase.

Hayward (real name, Brady Booker) has addressed his release during an interview with

Bodhi gave some insight into the call he received delivering the news. He said he was told that he wasn’t ‘maximizing his potential,’ which seemed to contradict what he had been previously been told that there would a chance to evolve his character.

He recalled:

“When I came in there were talks that there would be an evolution. It was meant to evolve as I evolved. As we got more people, I always felt like I would be taken care of as well.

“I got injured but got cleared and felt safe and thought they wanted to protect me. Every opportunity I thought was passed over wrestling-wise, we were on television entertainment-wise.

“I thought the wrestling opportunities were coming. Maybe I wasn’t there wrestling-wise for television, but that’s just how TV is.

“That’s the part I was really confused about. It was a 45-second phone call to let me know I wasn’t maximizing my potential and let go. I thought that there would have been me graduating from Chase U, maybe having issues with Mr Chase, and turmoil starting.

“Maybe Duke would have been a match for me as well, to show that I can wrestle with a good opportunity. I felt that the Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes vs Me and Mr Chase match was great.

“When I did wrestle, I felt like it was good. With the reaction we were getting, I didn’t think I had to go to the top rope to do a moonsault. But if that’s what I have to prove, so be it.”

Chase U partner Andre Chase referenced Hayward’s release on NXT and publicly thanked him for his dedication to their partnership, in a post on his social media.

Bodhi Hayward also took to social media himself and said that he was “hurt” and “embarrassed” following his release.

The full list of WWE names released in 2022 so far can be viewed right here.

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