Report: Assistants Would ‘Filter’ Vince McMahon While He Was Running WWE Creative

10 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Report: Assistants Would ‘Filter’ Vince McMahon While He Was Running WWE Creative WWE

Details have reportedly emerged on edits that WWE creative had to make to Vince McMahon’s contributions.

It was well documented that, prior to his retirement announcement on July 22, McMahon was heavily involved with WWE creative.

Per Fightful Select (subscription required), sources from within the creative process have indicated that many writer’s assistants effectively needed to ‘filter’ McMahon, with assistants reportedly having to know what not to write for McMahon when taking notes for him.

The report stated that minutes were ‘heavily edited’ for a long time, claiming that edits made for a variety of reasons, ranging from simple kayfabe terms, to Vince saying things that would appear ‘insensitive or offensive’ per sources.

A former production employee reportedly noted the following to Fightful :

“If a live feed of Vince McMahon on a headset any given night ever made it out, that it would provide a picture of that production experience, especially for the announcers. There were plenty of times he was in a good mood, but he would blow up at the most ridiculous things and act like they ruined an angle that was far past its expiration date anyway.”

In a previous report, Fightful noted that sources who had worked closely with Vince are more open to speaking about their experiences following his retirement.

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