Report: No Top WWE Executives Have Contacted Renee Young To Check On Health Status

2 years ago by Nate Craver

Report: No Top WWE Executives Have Contacted Renee Young To Check On Health Status

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that neither Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, Paul Levesque or Mark Carrano had reached out to her as of 6/25 to check on how she was doing after testing positive for Coronavirus.

He did note several wrestlers and other people have reached out. However, it is still not a great look for none of them to have checked on Young. Meltzer did report that she may have some heat for going public.

She felt the need to go public because of the rumors when Moxley wasn’t planning to attend the AEW Show.

Meltzer reports Young started getting sick, feeling pressure on her chest, was bedridden, and lost her sense of taste on June 22. These symptoms lead to her and Jon Moxley getting their own COVID testing done.

Moxley’s test came back negative. However, Young’s test was positive.

Meltzer notes Young knew she had been around the NXT performer who tested positive and immediately called WWE to let them know.

Moxley did the same with AEW. While Moxley did not show symptoms, he did not want to risk being pre-symptomatic and chose not to go to the show. Additionally, he did not want to leave his wife.

The doctors told him to isolate himself, but he stayed at home because he wanted to care for his wife. At the time of the Newsletter writing, Moxley had yet to show symptoms.

They are isolating themselves in different parts of the house. Moxley will continue to get tests and if they continue to stay negative he could be ready for taping on 7/2 for Fyter Fest.

Meltzer notes he could tape an empty arena match later for the 7/8 show to be completely safe.

One very positive note is it appears Young is on the mend. She reported feeling much better and is said to have made it past the worst part of the sickness.

Let’s all hope Young continues to improve and Moxley somehow avoids getting it all together.


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