Rhea Ripley Calls Out WWE Raw Star For Being ‘A Little Bi*ch’

Rhea Ripley Calls Out WWE Raw Star For Being ‘A Little Bi*ch’ WWE

The Eradicator of the Judgment Day Rhea Ripley has fired right back at a WWE Raw star after he took a shot at her beloved ‘Papi’ Dominik Mysterio at a recent WWE live event.

During WWE’s UK tour, Ricochet took a fan sign that read ‘Dom Really Sucks’ and held it aloft for everyone to see

Further looking to accentuate the point of Dom sucking, Ricochet then took to Twitter to post a picture of himself holding the sign along with the caption:

I stand by this

However, it was not Dom who decided to fire back in retaliation, as just like on WWE TV, Ripley stepped in to stand up for her man in savage fashion.

Ripley tweeted in response:

We stand by you being a little Bi*ch

While he may be beefing with Dom and Ripley online, Ricochet looks to be in line for a marquee match at Summerslam with Logan Paul.

Despite the match reportedly always being planned, the manner in which it came to be was changed due to a botch during the Money in the Bank ladder match featuring Paul and Ricochet.

To find out more on this check out this link here.

For news of another major match planned for Summerslam involving Women’s World Champion Ripley, click here.

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3 months ago by Jamie Toolan


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