Road Dogg Says NXT Star Would Be Universal Champion If He Was Bigger

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Road Dogg Says NXT Star Would Be Universal Champion If He Was Bigger

WWE Hall of Famer and NXT backstage staff member Road Dogg had high praise for one particular member of the current NXT roster.

Speaking on the After The Bell podcast, Road Dogg stated that if NXT Champion Adam Cole was the same size as Karrion Kross, he’d be WWE Universal Champion.

He said:

“Adam Cole is the most professional and most talented. He gets it. He gets every aspect of it. He could cut a promo. He is one of the guys where you tell him I need you to do a minute, and that’s all you say to him. He gives you a minute of hiccupless verbiage that makes you go, ok, that was perfect, thank you, every single time. That’s Adam Cole in a nutshell. He’s also a great worker, he has a great psychology. If he was Karrion Kross’ size, he would be the Universal Champion right now, and if he wasn’t, I would be wondering why. That’s the kind of guy he is. That’s the kind of human he is.”

The Hall of Famer also discussed being hired by WWE, saying:

“About a year after I got sober, I went to Atlanta for my father’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. I got a chance to look people in the eye for the first time sober, and a little more mature than when I left the last time. I got a chance to look at Vince, and Kevin, Taker and Rock and some of these people I feel I had done a little wrong. I got a chance to make amends and let them know in person that I’m doing well. About a month after that, Hunter called and said remember how we did DX backstage and skits? We would spitball ideas. Hunter said, do you want to do this again? I said yes. I came on as an agent, putting together matches. Vince saw I did have some television knowledge and had a vision. I’m not scared to tell you my vision. When they heard that, they thought I should be on the creative side.”

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