Backstage Frustrations With Ronda Rousey Vs Liv Morgan Match Revealed

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Backstage Frustrations With Ronda Rousey Vs Liv Morgan Match Revealed WWE

More backstage details have emerged on frustrations surrounding last year’s Ronda Rousey vs Liv Morgan rivalry.

Rousey recently took to Instagram to call out WWE creative, writing:

“Imagine what our @yaonlylivvonce feud could have been if we weren’t hamstrung by a bunch of octogenarians who still think they know how to be hip while putting less than 5 minutes of thought a week into each women’s storyline… 🤔 new #RondaOnTheRoad”

More light has now been shed on Rousey and Morgan’s potential issues with one of their matches.

At Extreme Rules in October 2022, Rousey defeated Morgan to regain her SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Per Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Rousey and Morgan both pitched for their bout to be edgier overall, with the duo wanting to utilize weapons that had historically been used in men’s hardcore matches in the past, including thumbtacks.

Meltzer noted that WWE officials turning their ideas down certainly left Rousey frustrated with the limitations their match was forced to observe.

Rousey notably stated in October that she tried to pitch thumbtacks spots, but was told that WWE stars cannot use them for matches anymore.

Following Rousey’s recent Instagram post, a new report has indicated that more WWE names are frustrated with creative ahead of WrestleMania, which you can read more about right here.

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