Sting Has High Praise For AEW’s Backstage Atmosphere

2 years ago by Tempest

Sting Has High Praise For AEW’s Backstage Atmosphere

Sting made his proper in-ring debut for AEW last night at Double or Nothing, teaming with Darby Allin to defeat Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. Now, he has given some high praise for AEW’s backstage atmosphere.

Speaking with Paste Magazine, Sting compared his time in AEW with his time in WCW. In short, he praised AEW’s unity backstage and the attitude Tony Khan has with his staff. He said:

“It is a place where you’ve got a bunch of male and female soldiers all sort of marching in the same direction, and pretty much everybody’s marching to the same beat. There isn’t really any factions or cliques or groups of people. Everybody is looking out for everybody and everybody wants AEW to succeed. Everybody wants… they’re really involved with other matches. They’re watching, and somebody will finish a great match, and they’ll walk back out and you’ll hear the entire locker room area clapping and applauding. I think there’s a great unity, really, to be honest with you, with most everybody there in AEW. Something that I’ve never experienced.

“The closest I ever got was WCW, years ago, when Eric Bischoff took over and he was up there in the nosebleed sections, listening to fans and how they were reacting to the storylines and to each individual wrestler. You’ve had some of the biggest names in the business, Hall and Nash and Hogan, all of us, Luger… we were all sort of like walking together. Everybody was looking out for everybody else, and the creative juices were flowing, not just for yourself, with no hidden agendas.

“We had about 12 months of that, I’d say, and then it all ended. But here, I’d heard that’s the way the atmosphere was in AEW, and I walked into it and have experienced it first-hand now for six months, and that’s exactly the way it is. It starts at the top, and filters its way down. Tony [Khan] is a very personable guy, a very approachable guy. I’ve noticed he’s like that with just about everybody, it doesn’t matter who you are. It’s a good atmosphere.”

Sting made his AEW debut last year at the Winter Is Coming AEW special. Since then, he has competed at Revolution and Double or Nothing in a cinematic match and a live match respectively. He has won both matches, teaming with Darby Allin both times.

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