Stone Cold Steve Austin Was Told Not To Use Middle Finger At WrestleMania 38

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Stone Cold Steve Austin Was Told Not To Use Middle Finger At WrestleMania 38 WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin was told not to put his middle fingers up at WrestleMania 38, according to Pat McAfee.

Stone Cold defeated Kevin Owens in an impromptu match during the first night of action, and hit McAfee, Austin Theory and Vince McMahon with Stunners on Night 2.

On the Pat McAfee Show, the SmackDown commentator noted that during rehearsals, Stone Cold was asked not to flip the bird:

“He was working on coming out. And you know, we’re in a different era now of the WWE than we were then. So I got to watch this dude’s entrance within an empty stadium or whatever. He goes right to that top rope, f**king both fingers straight up in the air. He’s doing his whole thing.

And then I see three producers running over (to him) ‘Can’t do that. Can’t do that’. So he does it again. ‘Can’t do that.’ He was like, ‘Alright.’ So he just put his fist up or whatever. So then as I was watching him [at the show], I was wondering, ‘There’s no way he keeps that middle finger down, the middle finger from Steve Austin is coming at some point.’ And then last night, he had a couple.”

Vince McMahon took the Stone Cold Stunner awkwardly on WrestleMania 38 Sunday, falling over, and clumsily stumbling to the ropes. The backstage reaction to the botched move has now been revealed.

Transcription via Ringside News

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