The Key To The Miz’s Success Revealed?

5 months ago by Dave Adamson

The Key To The Miz’s Success Revealed? WWE

The Miz has been a fixture in WWE since his main roster debut in 2006, having first appeared in the 2004 series of Tough Enough.

The former reality TV star, having appeared on the 10th season of MTV’s The Real World, was always destined for a successful wrestling career and fellow reality TV star Mark Long knows why.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc’s Nick Hausman, Mark Long explained:

“I asked him one time, I said, ‘Miz, why do you think you’ve lasted this long?’ And he said, ‘Mark, honestly it’s because whatever WWE asks of me, I say ‘Yes’ and I do it a hundred percent.”

Reflecting on The Miz’ level of commitment to the craft, Long said:

“This is him going overseas with the troops. This is him going to (visit) a sick kid in a hospital. This is him going and doing a promo, where he might not get as much sleep he should have. So, I applaud Mike for being and taking those extra steps and being a company guy and being rewarded for it.”

Long appeared on ‘Battle of the Sexes 2’, a sequel series to ‘The Challenge’ in 2004 and has remained friends with Mike Mizanin (The Miz) since then.

The Miz most recently wrestled on the October 24 edition of Raw, losing to R-Truth following a distraction from Johnny Gargano dressed as Dexter Lumis.

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Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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