The Rock Praises Vince Russo and Steve Austin

The Rock Praises Vince Russo and Steve Austin

The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin did battle on three separate occasions at WrestleMania, but this has not stopped the pair have a great deal of respect for one another. The Rock sang Austin’s praises this week after WWE celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the iconic moment where Stone Cold drove a beer truck to the ring and drenched Vince McMahon in alcohol.

Rock said that Austin was working with a ”legit broken neck” and was a ”tough SOB”. He noted how the pair had to be creative in the buildup to their WrestleMania XV clash due to Austin’s injuries which led to this iconic moment.

A fan would then praise the genius of Vince Russo who was behind this segment, with the fan stating that Russo ”had me tuning each and every week”.

Rock would also jump to the defence of the controversial character. He said that he enjoyed working with Vince, who would allow Rock to be creative and come up with some unorthodox ideas. Rock noted that the pair ”always (had) fun”.

Whilst it is nice for a WWE legend like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to defend Russo, you cannot forget that he was the mind between some of the craziest ideas in wrestling history, most notably the ‘Viagara on a Pole’ match between Shane Douglas and Billy Kidman in WCW.

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