Tony Khan Reveals Real Reason William Regal Wanted WWE Return

Tony Khan Reveals Real Reason William Regal Wanted WWE Return AEW

William Regal appears to be on his way out of All Elite Wrestling following last week’s AEW Dynamite.

Regal is reportedly expected to return to WWE in the new year, where he will be returning to the backstage role he was in prior to his release in January.

Tony Khan held his pre-show media scrum for ROH Final Battle today, where he addressed Regal’s departure from the company.

Khan said that Regal had requested that AEW not renew his contract back in October, prior to the company’s first shows in Toronto.

Khan was dealing with family health issues at the time, with his mother suffering a stroke between All Out and Grand Slam.

Khan then said that Regal approached AEW VP Megha Parekh with the request to not renew his contract so that he could return to WWE to work alongside his son, Charlie Dempsey.

Khan then said that he spoke with Regal while visiting his mother in the hospital, and saw that as reason to grant Regal’s request to work alongside his son.

Regal also stated that working with some of his old friends from his golden years as reason for wanting to return to WWE.

Khan wished Regal the best, saying that they had conversations this week. He said that both men enjoyed their time together, but that he is not gone yet.

Khan also said that his mom is doing better, and that her situation helped him understand why Regal wanted to be with his family in WWE.

Khan ended by saying that he can’t grant every request like Regal’s, but opted to put family first in this situation.

Update: Tony Khan also stated that it’s written into Regal’s AEW release that he can’t appear on-screen for WWE next year.

Khan added that he was ‘surprised’ about WWE and Triple H posting a video on social media of Regal to promote WarGames and didn’t think it was in line with how accommodating they were.

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