‘Undefeated’ WWE Star Addresses Goldberg Comparisons

‘Undefeated’ WWE Star Addresses Goldberg Comparisons WWE

Love or hate his most recent WWE run, Bill Goldberg was a force to be reckoned with in the late nineties for WCW, with one of his most revered statistics being the mythical undefeated streak of 173-0.

While this number was dramatised by WCW, it remains one of wrestling’s most memorable feats.

While this number is unlikely to be matched any time soon, one man in WWE that is technically undefeated in main roster singles matches at least is Bronson Reed.

The 330 pound Aussie has racked up wins since returning to WWE, most recently competing against Bobby Lashley on Raw (April 10), however, this would end in a no-contest.

Despite still yet to face single’s defeat, Reed doesn’t want any comparisons to undefeated record’s of the past such as Goldberg’s WCW run.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Reed would state:

“I want to stay undefeated. I’m not looking to be some type of Bill Goldberg streak but I want to be a guy that is known for getting W’s in the ring, and as many as possible.

“I don’t really see anyone at the onset, like on Monday Night RAW who can defeat me one-on-one. So, I’m hoping it goes for a long time, maybe a whole year.”

While Reed technically has tasted defeat in WWE this year, falling short in the US Title Elimination Chamber back in February, he would ensure victory if he met any of the men involved in one on one competition.

Reed stated:

“I was standing after that, I walked out of the chamber. So they had to gang up on me to beat me and get me out of that chamber.

I get it, it is business. We are in Montreal, we are all trying to make money, and all trying to win that chamber match. But if I can get all of those guys one-on-one, I will squish them all.

“And that includes Montez (Ford), that includes Johnny (Gargano), and of course it includes Seth Rollins.”

Despite his match with Lashley ending in a double count-out Reed has insisted the two are far from finished with each other.

Transcript courtesy of Sportskeeda.

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