The Undertaker Reveals Whether Iconic Look Is Finished

The Undertaker Reveals Whether Iconic Look Is Finished WWE

The Undertaker made an appearance on the Raw 30 show back in January, surprising the live crowd by appearing as the ‘American Badass’ for his segment with Bray Wyatt and LA Knight.

Since Taker retired from the ring, he has begun to pull the curtain back on his character, and let fans more into the life of Mark Calaway.

The shift from Undertaker to Mark Calaway led to him making a lot fewer appearances as the Deadman, and we could have seen the last of the iconic character on WWE television.

When discussing the appearance at Raw 30 with Ariel Helwani, Taker said that those within the company had a ‘different vision’, believing he was going to come out with his classic hat and coat.

He said:

“They had a different vision. They didn’t even know that I wasn’t going to have the hat and coat. They totally thought I was coming [out as] old Undertaker.

“I was like, no. That’s part of me and the storytelling, right? When I lifted the curtain, and when I lifted it back and pulled it back, that’s gone. It’s gone now.”

Helwani asked Taker if he was done with that iconic part of his career, to which Taker confirmed:

“I won’t bring the hat and coat back out, no.”

Taker went on to add that, now that he is a public speaker and does regular interviews, he doesn’t believe the Deadman character can be portrayed in that way anymore.

transcription via Fightful

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