Latest Update On WWE Draft

2 months ago by SP3

Latest Update On WWE Draft WWE

A new report has revealed the latest update on the WWE Draft.

With WWE WrestleMania 39 in the rearview mirror, many fans have been speculating when the WWE Draft will take place.

At the start of the Triple H regime, it was believed that the draft would be used to effectively reset the rosters for the new regime late last year. However, talent were informed that it was being moved to an undetermined time in 2023.

Fightful Select (subscription required) provided an update, noting that unanimously across a dozen talent on the WWE roster have not been told that a WWE Draft is coming, or when it could even be.

There were numerous WWE talent that said that they were under the assumption that a draft would take place after WrestleMania as it did many times in the past.

As of this Friday afternoon, talent still hadn’t been told about one or if it’s happening anytime soon.

In the past, sources at both Fox and USA Network have said that they primarily prefer distinctly different and separate rosters in order to specialize their investment, but they have heard much less of that in the Triple H regime.

We will have further updates and news on the WWE Draft when they become available.

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