Vince McMahon Starting New Wrestling Company After WWE Update

Vince McMahon Starting New Wrestling Company After WWE Update CNBC

Updates have emerged on the possibility of Vince McMahon starting a new wrestling company after departing WWE.

Vince McMahon has had no power at WWE or parent company TKO since he resigned on January 26, a day after a lawsuit was filed alleging sexual trafficking and abuse by him.

However, he has remained affiliated by way of being TKO’s largest individual shareholder, but that might be about to change.

McMahon had already been selling off stock at a rate of knots, and a few days ago, things took another big step.

While not yet sold, McMahon registered all of his remaining stock shares for sale, and when they do get sold, he’ll have absolutely zero affiliation or connection with TKO and WWE.

McMahon having no connection to WWE has opened up a big question – could he, and would he, attempt to start a new wrestling company of his own?

Well, if he does, it seems like a non-compete clause in his contract means he would have to wait until January 26, 2025 – a year after his resignation.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer spoke to individuals in the business to get their takes on whether McMahon would actually do such a thing,

According to Meltzer, the “majority” of people he talked to believe McMahon is completely done with the wrestling business due to “age, reputation and lack of openings”.

Meltzer believes that, if the lawsuit wasn’t a factor, McMahon would at the very least been able to negotiate some kind of TV deal for a company he was leading.

However, right now it would be very hard to get a TV deal and sponsors on board – he does already have “an endless amount of money” though, so the belief among some is that, if he was younger, he would give it a go.

Meltzer also believes there would be very few people even willing to join McMahon working on a startup, especially when WWE and AEW are stable options.

“One of the most powerful players behind-the-scenes” told Meltzer that they felt there’s a “good chance” McMahon will start something when he was legally able to, because it was such a major part of his life for so long.

This person believed enough contracts come up every year and McMahon has enough money to be “formidable”.

People in WWE, even though most don’t think he’ll try, acknowledge that if he does try, he’d be “formidable”.

However, someone else who’s a “key player” believed there’s “no chance” of it happening because McMahon of all people would know how hard it would be to compete with WWE right now, plus the fact they believe he wouldn’t be able to get distribution because of the lawsuit.

Someone who worked with McMahon “really until the end” was quoted as saying he’s “not the Vince he once was” but he’d still be a “dangerous” competitor.

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