‘White Rabbit’ Identity Being ‘Withheld’ Within WWE

‘White Rabbit’ Identity Being ‘Withheld’ Within WWE WWE

WWE has been able to generate a whole lot of buzz online the past few days, starting with last week’s episode of SmackDown, when a strange occurrence took place during a commercial break.

The lights in the arena all turned off, and the isolated Grace Slick vocals from the Jefferson Airplane song ‘White Rabbit’ played around the arena, with the lights flashing red as the song finished.

The same occurrence took place at the following two WWE live events, and again on last night’s episode of Raw, but that was far from the only thing that happened on the show.

During a shot of Austin Theory, a QR Code appeared in the background that read ‘Come With Me’. The link took fans to a website with a video, featuring a white rabbit playing a game of Hangman. The question read ‘who killed the world?’ with the answer being ‘you did’.

The teaser ended by flashing the number ‘9.23’ on the screen, leading many to believe that the reveal will take place on this Friday’s (September 23) episode of SmackDown.

The White Rabbit has caused quite the discussion online, with many expecting it to be revealed as a returning Bray Wyatt. This goes for people in the company as well. Per WrestleVotes on Twitter, while many in the company expect the White Rabbit to be revealed as Wyatt, the information is being ‘withheld’ from even those in the company.

They tweeted:

Asked a source about the White Rabbit deal, source said while he suspects its Bray Wyatt, he said it’s being “withheld” from everyone. WWE has been able to draw significant interest from this, w/o it being a “TV storyline” & they’d like to keep it as quiet as possible.

Fightful Select (subscription required) provided an update, noting that among the 20+ within the company they spoke to, they almost all agreed that WWE’s new regime would have to deliver on this tease.

Talent and production staff have not been clued in on whether the teases are for Bray Wyatt or not.

The hourglass element of the teasers have led some to think Killer Kross is involved, but one longtime staff member doesn’t think the company under the new creative would implement that for someone who had been back with the promotion for almost two months.

We won’t have to wait long to find out, as either the reveal or the next clue will take place on Friday’s SmackDown. Keep an eye out during backstage segments is what I’ve learned during the Triple H era.

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