Big Update On William Regal WWE Status

3 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Big Update On William Regal WWE Status WWE

A big update has emerged on William Regal’s WWE status, following his departure from AEW in late-2022.

Following reports about Regal’s potential AEW exit, Tony Khan confirmed that the wrestling veteran was on his way out of the promotion during the ROH Final Battle media call.

It was believed that Regal was set to return to WWE under the new regime in the new year.

Well, it is now 2023, and the popular name has reportedly returned to the company. Per PWInsider, as of this morning (January 4), Regal is officially back with WWE.

Regal had been gone from WWE for almost exactly a full year, with the previous regime releasing him on January 5, 2022.

The former Blackpool Combat Club leader previously confirmed that his last official day with AEW was December 30. On that day, Regal shared a statement on his AEW departure which read:

Yesterday was my last official day with @AEW. I’d like to thank @TonyKhan, Meghan and all the hard working crew.

Contrary to people who’ve never spoken to me or have their information from people who don’t know me or are trying to make themselves noticed,I had a lovely time working there and had a great time.

Lots of talented Wrestlers, and lovely people to work for. To my fellow BCC members, it was a special, albeit brief few months but it cemented our already strong friendship. To everyone there, thank you for welcoming me. Best wishes.

For details on Regal’s new WWE role, click here.

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