Backstage News On WWE’s Bonus Payments To Talent

2 months ago by Laura Cude

Backstage News On WWE’s Bonus Payments To Talent WWE

Backstage news has emerged on WWE’s  bonus payments to talent.

It seems that WWE isn’t flashing the cash to talent.

As per Dave Meltzer, speaking on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, most paychecks at WWE are not being topped up with bonus payments.

He said:

“When you’re in WWE now, basically, you’re making… you sign a contract for a million dollars, just say. You’re making a million dollars.

“There’s not a Saudi bonus, there’s not a pay-per-view bonus. There might be if you’re Roman Reigns… the super merch sale guys probably would get more, but most of the guys that’s not the case.

“Most people are making what their contract says right now.”

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So bonus payments seem to be pretty rare if they are being paid.

Roman Reigns and his Bloodline recently headlined Survivor Series in their WarGames match against the Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens.

Reigns led his team to victory however there were reports of a backstage incident between him and Owens after the match.

The Tribal Chief’s record-breaking reign with the Universal Championship currently stands at 822 days, and he’s been Undisputed WWE Universal Champion for 241 days.

Check out the win/loss record for the main WWE roster right here.

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