Former WWE Star Reveals Insane 18,000 Calorie Diet

Former WWE Star Reveals Insane 18,000 Calorie Diet WWE

Current AEW star Paul Wight has recently reflected on his time as the Big Show in WWE, revealing the insane amount of calories he would ingest on a daily basis in his earlier days in the company.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Wight detailed his usual daily intake, which often amounted to somewhere between 13,000-18,000 calories per day.

Wight revealed that much of the calories were not of a healthy kind either, with a heavy reliance on fast food such as McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

Wight explained:

“My calorie intake back in the day – but I understand it was a lot of empty bad calories – I just used to eat whatever I wanted in massive amounts.

“I’d probably somewhere (between) 13,000 and 18,000 calories a day.

“You’d get Big Macs and I’d get three or four Big Macs and then I’d get fries and then I’d get a shake and I’d get apple pies and probably a fifth sandwich too.

“It was nothing. I’d go to Taco Bell and get like 20 tacos.”

Eventually however, Wight felt like a change was needed, foregoing the dirtier calories for a more balanced diet, and this change would see the seven-time world champion lose around 60 kilograms in 2017 alone.

On the necessity for the diet changes, Wight said:

“You can do that when you’re younger and you’re still going to be big.

“But as you get older you realise, ‘Ah, well. I can’t really eat like that any more’. Now, I kind of feel like I eat amounts.

“I eat have about ten ounces of protein, I have a small portion of carbs and some veg. I try to eat halfway decent.”

Wight joined AEW in March 2021, ending his over two decade spell with WWE.

Whilst not officially retired from the ring, Wight has only competed four times in Tony Khan’s company, last wrestling on Dark Elevation in March 2022.

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2 months ago by Jamie Toolan


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