Jake Roberts Reflects On WWE Feud He Felt Was In ‘Poor Taste’

Jake Roberts Reflects On WWE Feud He Felt Was In ‘Poor Taste’ WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer has reflected on the feud he felt was in “poor taste”.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ struggles with addiction has been well documented for years. However, those issues have drawn disrespectful parody.

One of those instances was Roberts’ feud with Jerry “The King” Lawler in 1996 when the born again Jake The Snake was faced with constant mockery from Lawler.

On a Q & A episode of DDP Snake Pit, the WWE Hall of Famer recalled the rivalry to his co-host Diamond Dallas Page.

Roberts said:

“Absolutely was in horrible taste. They made fun of me for being an alcoholic. He wound up pouring a bottle of whiskey down my face, burned the s**t out of my eyes.”

Both DDP and Conrad Thompson were shocked by the fact that the alcohol wasn’t gimmicked or diluted in anyway.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts continued on to remember his struggles at that time, saying:

“Ask Jerry he’ll tell you the same damn thing, because whenever it came time for me to pour it on him he goes ‘you can’t pour that on me,’ and I go ‘what do you mean? You poured it on me.’ He goes ‘well Vince wanted it poured on you.’ That motherf***er, you know? I can’t say ‘boys will be boys’ because boys will be assholes. They were constantly putting things in my bag that shouldn’t have been there, taking chances with my damn well-being because they were putting drugs in my damn suitcase that I didn’t know were there, and I’d find s**t in there y’know? Paraphernalia and stuff. It was just horrible, man.”

Roberts last appeared in All Elite Wrestling back in March 2023. He took some time off to recover from various ailments.

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Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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