The New Day Talk About Potential Heel Turn ‘All The Time’

The New Day Talk About Potential Heel Turn ‘All The Time’

Big E and Xavier Woods have noted that they would be interested in a character shift, admitting that The New Day often discusses potential heel turns.

Before Big E, Woods and Kofi Kingston became fan favourites, the trio used to cheat their way to victory. Speaking with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Woods stated that while it’s fun to play both the hero and the bad guy, he wouldn’t be mad if he underwent a full heel turn.

When asked if he’d be up for another run being booed, Woods said:

“Yeah! One hundred percent – I’m a horrible person!

“It’s just super fun to scream at little kids, ’cause when we were heels before, our stuff would see kids getting legitimately mad and upset at us. It’s just so much fun to be snarky, to be rude and disliked.

“It’s great being cheered, and people pulling for us and being the good guys – both sides are really fun to play, but I wouldn’t be mad at it at all. We love that, we talk about it all the time!’

Big E recapped the ‘organic’ character changes he has underwent since forming The New Day, pointing out that he currently receives great reactions. Noting that being a babyface suits his projects outside of the ring, the former WWE Champion said:

“Honestly, we have (wanted that) the entire time – we’ve always wanted to turn heel. It’s just so much fun.

“What I’m doing in the ring dovetails so well into all the things I wanna do outside of the ring, as far as just charitable work, just telling my story with my issues with depression and mental health. I just don’t think it makes a lot of sense right now.

“The beautiful thing is our turns kind of happened organically, in the sense that we tried to be babyfaces right out of the gate, people were not having that so we became heels, and then we just got cheered for so long, so eventually we had to turn.

“My feeling is, if we do turn, it feels organic and it feels natural again. Unfortunately, we’re in a position right now where our reactions are pretty damn good. So, I don’t see that happening any time soon, but who knows?”

Kofi Kingston had previously stated that The New Day fantasises about turning heel all the time, but people cheer them too much.

Big E lost the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar at WWE Day 1. Bobby Lashley is set to challenge Lesnar for the title at Royal Rumble later this month.

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2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor


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