WWE Tag Team Split You May Have Missed, New Team Formed?

WWE Tag Team Split You May Have Missed, New Team Formed? WWE

There was angle on last night’s episode of WWE NXT which saw an on-screen duo part ways, and a new one potentially form.

For several weeks on NXT, Hank Walker had been under the tutelage of Drew Gulak, but it seems like that has come to an end.

Walker’s first match in actual wrestling gear took place last night against Charlie Dempsey, the real-life son of William Regal, but the singlet didn’t help Walker and Dempsey got the win.

After Walker had tapped out and the match was over, Dempsey kept his submission hold locked in, but instead of helping his student, Gulak just stood and watched.

As Dempsey was leaving, it seemed as though he and Gulak were having an intense staredown as Gulak was about to check on Walker.

But actually, Gulak turned his back on Walker and walked out with Dempsey instead.

So the Gulak/Walker relationship is done, and it certainly came across like there’s a new partnership between Gulak and Dempsey – and the story may even end up being that this was Gulak’s plan all along.

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1 year ago by Liam Winnard



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