Arrested WWE Star Reacts After Winning Championship

Arrested WWE Star Reacts After Winning Championship WWE

At WWE NXT Great American Bash, Tony D’Angelo and Stacks ended the reign of Gallus and took home the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Highlights from the match that ended Wolfgang and Mark Coffey’s 176-day reign to an end can be seen below this news story.

After the match, which featured interference and a sneaky crowbar, Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo addressed the victory backstage.

Speaking to McKenzie Mitchell for a WWE Digital Exclusive, the new WWE NXT Tag Team Champions said:

Tony D’Angelo: “Well, McKenzie, this family has been so many ups and downs, I can’t explain it through words.

“I’m so proud of this guy here, I was just in jail and he fought for his life, he fought for my life. That’s exactly what we did out there in that ring and we came home with the gold.”

Stacks: “I got something for you, Don. I got something for you. It’s now and forever the family owned top.”

McKenzie: “Well, guys, how are you going to celebrate tonight?”

Stacks: “We got a lot of options. What are we gonna do?”

Tony: “We could go to The Bing. I could get a fresh bowl of zee. I don’t know, I might go to my grandmother’s house.

Stacks: “You need to clean up first, man. You look a little sweaty.”

Tony: “I’m a little sweaty, we’ll get nice and dressed and then we’ll go out and have a good time.”

McKenzie: “Am I invited?”

Tony: “Course you are. Let’s go.”

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The feud between Gallus and The Family saw its ups and downs, including Stacks seemingly betraying D’Angelo, but then swerving Gallus to actually reveal he’d been setting up D’Angelo’s freedom after he’d been arrested.

Highlights from the feud leading up to Great American Bash can be seen right below this sentence.

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