WWE Raw Rating Up Slightly For Wildcard Show

3 years ago by WrestleTalk

WWE Raw Rating Up Slightly For Wildcard Show

WWE managed to successfully arrest the recent ratings slide with last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, which pulled 2.24 million viewers, up from last week’s record low 2.16

That being said, it’s hardly time to break out the champagne just yet. The number was only a marginal increase on a show that WWE threw a lot of promotional weight behind and remains the second lowest rated non-holiday episode of the show.

The third hour number was still poor (2.02 million) but managed to just about avoid dropping below 2 million as it had last week. The other hours did 2.47 million (first hour) and 2.24 million for the second, so the show dropped each hour as it always does.

It will be interesting to see whether tonight’s SmackDown is able to follow suit and improve on last week’s dreadful number and whether the Wildcard rule will continue to save Raw or whether it was a one-and-done hotshot that only made a difference this week.


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