WWE Releases New Bray Wyatt Merchandise Following Return

6 months ago by Connel Rumsey

WWE Releases New Bray Wyatt Merchandise Following Return WWE

The mysterious White Rabbit has created a lot of buzz around WWE Raw and SmackDown in recent weeks, all leading up to the arrival of Bray Wyatt at the climax of this past weekend’s premium live event, making his first WWE appearance since WrestleMania 37.

The buzz around the White Rabbit spread almost instantly, with WWE releasing merchandise for the phenomenon long before we even knew who the culprit was. That merchandise sold like hotcakes for WWE, and they are wasting no time churning out more merchandise for their newly returned star.

The final shot of Extreme Rules saw Bray Wyatt blow out his lantern, before a weird image appeared on the screen as the old Wyatt Family static sound played. The logo that appeared matches the logo that has been Bray’s Twitter profile picture for the past few months, and appears to be the new logo for the ‘Wyatt 6’.

WWE has now released the first piece of Wyatt merchandise since his return, a black shirt featuring the logo named ‘Bray Wyatt Moth T-Shirt’.

Just what, or maybe who, Wyatt 6 is referencing has been the talk of the WWE fans since Saturday night, and hopefully we will learn more on tonight’s episode of Raw.

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