Recently Departed WWE Star Discusses Controversial Sasha Banks/Mercedes Mone Comments

Recently Departed WWE Star Discusses Controversial Sasha Banks/Mercedes Mone Comments WWE

A recently departed WWE NXT star has commented on their controversial tweets about Sasha Banks/Mercedes Mone.

WWE NXT star Amari Miller recently revealed that she had left the company, with WWE and herself mutually agreeing not to renew her contract.

During her time in the company, Miller (Cameron Bra’Nae) had spoken about wanting to become the ‘second African American NXT Women’s Champion’, referring to Ember Moon being the first and only.

When fans had mentioned Sasha Banks to her, Miller responded:

No thanks:) Sasha is German and black I said African American:)

For everyone on Twitter Fully Black NXT champion(Ember Moon)

Im aware what I posted

Sasha is great and legendary for sure let’s never forget!

Miller later posted an apology tweet, before she later deleted her account, which read:

I didn’t mean bad intentions with what I had said but I do want to apologize. I meant something super well and it came across horribly. I want to sincerely apologize to everyone. I also have to understand that posting on a social media platform can sound one way to me, as I’m typing and can come across totally different but that’s lessons learned for sure. People make mistakes and people grow and that is exactly what this experience was for me.

Speaking to Steve Fall of, Miller discussed her tweets from 2022, where she said:

“I feel like you just kind of have to know yourself and know the kind of person that you are and that in life, people make mistakes. You’re not going to learn and you’re not going to get better if you don’t make mistakes in life. I feel like there are things on social media that can sound a certain way in your head and obviously, everyone has their opinion and they’re going to take it differently. So at the same time, it’s also one of those things that these people don’t know me. They don’t know who I am. They know Amari Miller. They don’t know Cameron Connors, Cameron Bra’Nae, whatever name that I’m going by at the time, but they don’t sit here and know how old I am, where I’m from, what my parent’s name is. I feel like, at that aspect, I can’t take their opinions that deeply.

“It did suck and it was very hurtful. There are some people that are still mean about it and there’s some people that have, you know, surpassed it and it’s like, this is in the past. It is what it is. But those are also the same people that are going to be in your face, like, ‘Oh my gosh. Can I have an autograph?’, or ‘I sent you fan mail and I did this.’ So that’s another thing. You put your life publicly. We’ve all done something. There’s so many wrestlers and so many famous people before that have said something that went the wrong way and it happens. You just got to kind of move forward and be like, okay, are the people that matter mad? No. Okay. Did you say you’re sorry, like, if you honestly mean to say sorry? Yes. Are you grateful for where you’re at? Okay, get off social media, let’s just let this fizzle out, and then go on with the next step and ignore them. I’ve learned that like, I’m not a huge person on blocking people. I don’t like it. It’s a waste of time, like, whatever, but sometimes you do have to go out of your way to block people and at the same time, when people say things to you, it’s like, that’s a reflection on themselves. I feel like trolls are gonna troll because they’re, in a sense, jealous, but if they’re not jealous, they just want to find something to do to occupy their time and we have to keep that in our head as well.”

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