WWE Star Admits He’s Experimenting Between Being Babyface & Heel

WWE Star Admits He’s Experimenting Between Being Babyface & Heel WWE

A rising WWE star has revealed that they are currently experimenting between a babyface and a heel in un-televised bouts.

Despite arriving with much fanfare to WWE following his impressive gold medal win at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Gable Steveson has yet to make a splash in the company.

Aside from a brief run in NXT last Summer – which led to his sole televised bout against Baron Corbin at NXT Great American Bash – Steveson has been competing exclusively on the WWE NXT live event circuit and recently dark matches on SmackDown.

While some fans have questioned his progress two years into his signing with WWE, Steveson recently revealed how much he is enjoying the dark matches, due to them allowing for him to experiment and grow his character.

Speaking on the JAXXON Podcast, Steveson discussed his current position and where he envisions his character going:

“Yeah, I think there’s a great opportunity to do a lot of great things (under TKO with WWE & UFC) but right now, I’m loving the WWE process, everything is going really good.

“SmackDown, the dark matches are going really well. I’m getting better every time so I’m focused on one thing at a time but, obviously, at the end of the day, competitiveness is always gonna be there and there’s always the what if you can? But, where I am right now with the business is really good and I’m happy where I am. 

“It’s for you to experiment because it’s not on live TV. So, right now, I’m trying to find who is Gable? I know who I am in Olympic-style wrestling, I know who I am in Folkstyle wrestling. But, in entertainment, who am I?

“I know who I am personally. I’m outgoing, I’m funny, I’m nice, I’m humble but sometimes, you gotta be that cocky and this side, I can be that and I can be whatever I wanna be with my life… I was thinking the new Brock (Gable said in response to Rampage Jackson saying he should be the next Goldust).”

Steveson then revealed that one potential route he’s been considering for his character is something comparable to famed NFL coach Deion Sanders:

That’s what I was thinking too. Just like a prime Deion (Sanders) but in WWE. I like that too, because I like the flash, I like the nice stuff and so, that’s definitely an option.

Steveson lastly revealed that he’s been working as both a babyface and heel during the dark matches, sharing his thoughts on the two different roles:

Right now, I’ve been doing heel. So I kind of do a mixture of both (babyface & heel). Honestly, right now, I’m really nothing because I haven’t really been given anything to be. I’m experimenting. 

Steveson’s last WWE dark match came on the February 9 edition of SmackDown, where he defeated Cedric Alexander.

There’s currently no word on Steveson potentially progressing to TV once again, however there has been an update on the status of he and fellow WWE Olympian Tamyra Mensah-Stock ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games – click here for full details.

Transcript via POST Wrestling

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