WWE Star Getting Another Character Relaunch

WWE Star Getting Another Character Relaunch WWE

Tonight’s edition of WWE SmackDown (December 2) featured a new vignette for an existing WWE star who is getting another character relaunch.

After a series of vignettes previously aired sharing her personal and emotional backstory, Lacey Evans has returned with a new set of SmackDown vignettes.

With commentary harkening back to her backstage interview of late, stating she was done people pleasing and was getting back to basics, it seems she meant seriously basic.

As in basic training!

The vignette, which highlighted Lacey Evans’ real world military service in the United States Marine Corps, included text thanking the United States Department of Defense, suggesting the vignettes were filmed with some approval.

The vignette teased more to come, so we’ll have to see if this iteration of Lacey Evans is meant to play to crowds as a babyface or heel!

It can be pretty difficult to get an average American to get behind shouting “Boo!” at a member of the USMC though so hopefully, the former?

What do you think about this character reboot for Lacey Evans?

Elsewhere on tonight’s episode, yet another released WWE star made their big return.

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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