More Current WWE Stars Potentially Wrestling For Other Companies

More Current WWE Stars Potentially Wrestling For Other Companies WWE

Some more WWE stars may end up wrestling for other companies soon off the back of a big development that was recently announced.

Last week, GCW announced that WWE star Shayna Baszler would be working Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport on Thursday, April 4 – and that may not be all.

This appears to have opened the door for more WWE talents to do something similar, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer explained that other indie companies are looking to book WWE talents for their WrestleMania week shows after the Baszler announcement.

He said:

“It’s interesting because on Friday they announced that Shayna Baszler was gonna be at Bloodsport.

“So right now, it’s really interesting because I think that there’s gonna be AEW people on Bloodsport, so there’ll be AEW and WWE people on the same show.

“And there’s people (promoters) who have been trying to get AEW people on their WrestleMania shows with no success.

“And I know that there’s gonna be other companies looking to get WWE people because Bloodsport got Shayna, and so it seems they’ve maybe opened the door.

“Some people are able to get them and some people aren’t, is basically how it’s gonna go.” 

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Baszler working for GCW and anything similar that happens is obviously a big development and change in philosophy under the management of Paul Levesque (Triple H) and Nick Khan compared to Vince McMahon who never let stuff like this happen.

Last year, WWE allowed Shinsuke Nakamura to wrestle for NOAH as part of The Great Muta’s retirement tour.

We’ll of course keep you posted if there’s any more news on this topic heading into WrestleMania.

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3 months ago by Liam Winnard


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