WWE US Title Match Set For SummerSlam

4 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE US Title Match Set For SummerSlam

A five-man gauntlet match on WWE Raw tonight determined AJ Styles’ challenger for the United States Championship at SummerSlam on August 11, and Ricochet was the man who prevailed.

The match started with Rey Mysterio and Cesaro in the first round, and after an entertaining encounter it was Mysterio who won with the 619.

Next out was Sami Zayn, who ambushed Mysterio in an attempt to capitalize, but instead ended up with egg on his face as Rey rolled him up in seconds to advance to the next round against Andrade.

Andrade and Rey went at it as we know they can, with Andrade even landing the Three Amigos which Chavo Guerrero recently praised him for.

Rey went for the 619, but Andrade caught him, landed a backbreaker and a Hammerlock DDT to win, but then proceeded to rip Rey’s mask off his face before Ricochet came out.

Ricochet then overcame Andrade in an acrobatic showcase to earn a rematch for the US Title.

Styles beat Ricochet to become the champion at Extreme Rules on July 14.

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