WrestleTalk Friday Quiz, June 2nd, 2023

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CM Punk

WrestleTalk Friday Quiz, June 2nd, 2023

How much do you remember about the world of wrestling this week?

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CM Punk is set to return to AEW for the debut on AEW Collision, but when was his last match for the company?

CM Punk set for AEW Rampage

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Which top WWE star will reportedly miss several months of TV after sustaining an undisclosed injury?

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Alexa Bliss, Tay Melo and Carmella have all announced pregnancies in the past few months, but who got married first?

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Which AEW star is reportedly on the verge of returning to the ring after a year-long injury?

AEW Logo

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Which AEW star said he would "see you in catering" to CM Punk following his return announcement?

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Which AEW star debuted a brand new entrance theme this past week?

AEW Dynamite

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Which AEW star did Seth Rollins apologise to after this week's episode of WWE Raw?

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Which Olympic gold-medallist has teased an appearance at SummerSlam 2023?

WWE SummerSlam 2023

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Carmella and Corey Graves revealed the sex of their first child this week. What was it?

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Who was revealed as the "mystery attacker" during this week's NXT taping?


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Which wrestler has this tattoo?

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Which wrestler has this tattoo?

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Which wrestler has this tattoo?

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Which wrestler has this tattoo?

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Which wrestler has this tattoo?

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In which year was Hornswoggle revealed to be the anonymous Raw general manager?

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Who was WWE general manager between August 6, 2007 and February 25, 2008?

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Who was WWE's first ever on-screen authority figure?

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Which of these men was NOT "general manager for a night" when Eric Bischoff went on vacation in 2004?

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Who has been a WWE general manager for the longest combined amount of time?

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4 months ago by Andy Datson


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