Every WWE Wrestler Name Change Of 2022

Every WWE Wrestler Name Change Of 2022 WWE

We’re keeping track of every WWE name change of 2022 right here, because we all know WWE loves a good name change. Or a bad one.

This page will be updated every time WWE changes someone’s name.

Just to be clear – new names given to debuting talent don’t count. To qualify for this page, a wrestler has to have already wrestled on WWE TV under a different name before having it changed.

1. Gunther

Previous name: WALTER

Date of change: January 18

Reason for change: WWE wanted something it could own the rights to as Walter is his real first name, having trademarked Gunther Stark a few days earlier, before it surfaced that Gunther Stark was the name of someone who had ties to Nazi Germany in World War 2, so they decided on just Gunther

2. Sanga

Previous name: Saurav

Date of change: January 26

Reason for change: Repackaged as Grayson Waller’s “insurance policy” – was previously in the Indus-Sher tag team with Veer Mahaan/Rinku

3. Butch

Previous name: Pete Dunne

Date of change: March 11

Reason for change: Called up to SmackDown and aligned with Sheamus and Ridge Holland

4. Kiana James

Previous name: Kayla Inlay

Date of change: March 22

Reason for change: Her real name is Kayla Inlay Klink

5. Xavier Woods

Previous name: King Woods

Date of change: March 29

Reason for change: Returned on March 25 after being out since early January. Still had ‘king’ gimmick but was referred to as Xavier Woods rather than King Woods, and the change was made official on WWE.com on March 29.

6. Ezekiel

Previous name: Elias

Date of change: April 4

Reason for change: Returned to WWE TV for the first time since August, claimed to be Elias’ younger brother

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