Every WWE Wrestler Name Change Of 2023

Every WWE Wrestler Name Change Of 2023 WWE

We’re keeping track of every WWE name change of 2023 right here, because we all know WWE loves a good name change. Or a bad one.

This page will be updated every time WWE changes someone’s name.

Just to be clear – new names given to debuting talent don’t count. To qualify for this page, a wrestler has to have already wrestled on WWE TV under a different name before having it changed.

1. Piper Niven

Previous name: Doudrop

Date of change: January 28

Reason for change: The latest Vince McMahon name change to be reversed by Triple H

2. Dabba-Kato

Previous name: Commander Azeez

Date of change: February 4

Reason for change: Returned to NXT after being off TV for months, no longer Apollo Crews’ Nigerian bodyguard – reverted back to old name used before he was aligned with Crews

3. Veer

Previous name: Veer Mahaan

Date of change: February 7

Reason for change: Reverted back to single name after aligning with Sanga and Jinder Mahal

4. Ava

Previous name: Ava Raine

Date of change: February 16

Reason for change: Unknown

5. Riddick Moss

Previous name: Madcap Moss

Date of change: April 22

Reason for change: Distancing him from previous comedy gimmick

6. Veer Mahaan

Date of change: May 22

Reason for change: Unknown, had used full name previously but had it shortened (and is now back to full name again), came soon after Indus-Sher were moved from NXT to Raw

7. Angel Garza

Date of change: July 11

Reason for change: Got his last name back after being moved to NXT

8. Humberto Carrillo

Date of change: July 11

Reason for change: Got his last name back after being moved to NXT

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